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Dare MattG is an internet reality game show Based on user comments and questions taken from youtube comments, twitter tweets, facebook wall posts. I have put together the newest episode of dare mattg. I answer your hard hitting important questions and do your silly yet fun to do dares. GET READDY!!

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Thank you to everybody who checked my last post out and left awesome feedback <3

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My Pledge As A Youtuber.

My name is Matt and I make youtube videos on the internet. 

Ive decided to type this out to help people understand where I come from as far as my ideas on how to make videos on youtube. 

As a youtube guy I pledge that every video I make will be that of my own original idea. I may include topics suggested from a viewer but that will ONLY be the frame work for the vision I am working towards.

I pledge to NEVER hop on any train/bus to popularity. If I do, it must only be to make fun of how awful and stupid said “trend” is. I will keep my distance from any “challenge”“tag”“game” on youtube. 

I promise to stay as far away from popular culture as I possibly can knowing full well its easy to get views talking about “the hip new thing to make video topics about” 

I will never let the work of others interfere with who I am or what I am doing. 

I wont ride the coat tails of anyone no matter how fancy said coat tails are. 

I will do what I want when I want no matter if people actually enjoy it. If I can’t actually enjoy the thing Im doing then whats the point of doing it. 

I wont ever try REALLY REALLY hard to make a video that relates to other people.. because thats awful. If you happen to relate to a thing Im doing.. awesome. 

I wont ever.. “react” .. to anything unless im taking a dump all over others who already have. 

I will do my very best to not just make a video full of filler and questions, And I will do my very best to never COPOUT for content. 

If you aren’t enjoying what Im making I have to urge you to leave and never look back. I have grown disgusted with a lot of the stuff that youtube wants to suggest to me because its “the popular thing right just now” Its all so repetitive and worn out like an old boot and I feel like you.. my viewers deserve better than that.


There was an awesome time on youtube (2007-2009) when everything that was uploaded was completely different and original and it was awesome to log in and only see the things you liked. Unfortunately it is no longer that and it saddens me. I will continue to make the videos that 17-19 year old me would have made. 

- MattG

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The #daremattg vomit party… coming soon
get your tickets here

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Get yours while it lasts. 


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Anonymous Asked: you should make a video on the whole Sam pepper thing

nah im not going to do that.. 

not only is it none of my business why would I give him any more promotion. You don’t realize every time you say his name you’re adding to his infamy. I had no idea anything had happened and would never have seen the video if people had kept mentioning his name. If you really want to punish him stop talking about him. 

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this is all. 

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what is coming up

hey guys, Its been awhile.. ive been busy doing a shit load of writing.. I wrote my first 5 minutes to do at an open mic, Hopefully that goes well. 

Anyway.. im working on producing a ton of videos and getting things ready for buffer festival. Are you coming? well why the fuck not? thats silly you should come. 

If you haven’t heard im premiering dare mattg 100 that day, Sunday I think. So there wont be a dare mattg that friday but I will be uploading it on the tuesday after. After Dare MattG 100 goes live thats it. Thats all. I will be (probably temporarily) bowing out of the dare video business and focusing on jokes. Why am I typing this here? who the fuck knows. I guess for the people who bothered to follow this page (I will call you my hardcore viewers) I guess I assume the hardcore people would want the inside scoop on what im up to.

Im not saying this is the end of dare mattg.. but.. it will be while before I make another simply for the fact that I think I have done it all. All of it. Everything. Can’t imagine one thing I haven’t done. Can you? I can’t.

So anyway. Im pretty pumped for dare mattg 100 I wont give anything away right now.. but.. I hope you like it! 

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When I was 5 or 6 I was at my baby sitters house when a news talk show came on. They were interviewing Robin Williams and they showed clips of one of his old stand up comedy specials and I saw how he made people laughed and I decided thats what I want to do. I want to be a funny man and make people laugh just like Robin. Since then Robin was a huge inspiration to me along with George Carlin. I was devastated to hear that he had passed.

The world lost a gem today.  

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my “dane cook” bit. 

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