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Dare MattG is an internet reality game show Based on user comments and questions taken from youtube comments, twitter tweets, facebook wall posts. I have put together the newest episode of dare mattg. I answer your hard hitting important questions and do your silly yet fun to do dares. GET READDY!!

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this is all. 

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what is coming up

hey guys, Its been awhile.. ive been busy doing a shit load of writing.. I wrote my first 5 minutes to do at an open mic, Hopefully that goes well. 

Anyway.. im working on producing a ton of videos and getting things ready for buffer festival. Are you coming? well why the fuck not? thats silly you should come. 

If you haven’t heard im premiering dare mattg 100 that day, Sunday I think. So there wont be a dare mattg that friday but I will be uploading it on the tuesday after. After Dare MattG 100 goes live thats it. Thats all. I will be (probably temporarily) bowing out of the dare video business and focusing on jokes. Why am I typing this here? who the fuck knows. I guess for the people who bothered to follow this page (I will call you my hardcore viewers) I guess I assume the hardcore people would want the inside scoop on what im up to.

Im not saying this is the end of dare mattg.. but.. it will be while before I make another simply for the fact that I think I have done it all. All of it. Everything. Can’t imagine one thing I haven’t done. Can you? I can’t.

So anyway. Im pretty pumped for dare mattg 100 I wont give anything away right now.. but.. I hope you like it! 

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When I was 5 or 6 I was at my baby sitters house when a news talk show came on. They were interviewing Robin Williams and they showed clips of one of his old stand up comedy specials and I saw how he made people laughed and I decided thats what I want to do. I want to be a funny man and make people laugh just like Robin. Since then Robin was a huge inspiration to me along with George Carlin. I was devastated to hear that he had passed.

The world lost a gem today.  

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my “dane cook” bit. 

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saw this lady awhile ago walking her cat. 

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personal life and what ever.

So its been a key thing for me to keep my personal life disconnected from my private life for the main fact that when people get too invested in someones life they start to assume and think they know things. Especially when there is a major change in the persons life they imagine they know everything and anything that the person might be thinking or going through. 

I don’t think its super important to get people super invested in my private life which is why I don’t accept people on my facebook profile.. which is facebook.com/mattg124. Anyway just reading through comments and what ever people seem to think my life revolves around events and people who I couldn’t care less about. Also most people have begun to assume that I hate making videos and hate everything. What people don’t seem to understand is that making videos is my lively hood its all I like doing. I sit at home and think of videos and then make them. 
Im 24 years old about the same age as most people on youtube the thing is im sick of acting like a 17 year old its not what I want to do anymore. Im really focusing on writing jokes and a stand up comedy set and when I write jokes and stuff my actual personality comes through the way I really am. I get a kick out of thinking of reasons to hate things and being cynical. 
I’m sick of all these serious depressing “motivational” “inspirational” “gotta be happy” youtubing stuff. I get that a lot of the people that watch my videos might be young and going through some life stuff but I really have no advice towards anything like that (but you know who does? Andrew wk. Go follow him on twitter) because I can’t say I ever experienced anything of the like and lack the ability to be serious. I did for a bit on my second channel. 
My thing is that I’d rather do my best to make you forget about bullshit rather than try to assure you that everything is going to be ok. Thats how I deal with things. I never really listened to music because it just reminded me of sad shit. Ive always listened to stand up comedy.. thats been my music.

Wow whoops got off topic and ranted for a bit

anyway my main point is.. don’t worry about me.. ive been 160 pounds for like the last year or so. I weighed more a few years ago because I experienced the “freshman 15” which is what happens when you move out and have no self control and a “Mc donalds forever” mind set. 
I don’t do drugs before I film my videos.. im just a tired mother fucker. I sit up writing and trying to come up with something new to make a video about. 

saggy old lady tits. 

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runningwithscissors124 Asked: If you could be in a freakshow what would your performance be? And what would be your freakshow name?


haha oh boy
here enjoy this video it will answer one of your questions.

BUT don’t judge my choice of hair styles though haha

I guess for a name it would have to suit my talent right? So I think it would be the human blockhead, blockhead, woodface… something like that you know? 

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throw back to when we did the milk challenge. 

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Watch the new illScarlett music video!

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